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Calling and Leading a Solemn Assembly
Renewing Our Covenant Commitments to Jesus Christ

The following suggestions are designed to assist pastorsin leading a time of solemn (or sacred) assembly for the purpose of returning to our first love, for confession and repentance of sin, and for renewed commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ.

I. Prepare for a Solemn Assembly

* Solemn Assemblyby Richard Owen Roberts (pdf)
* Sound the Alarm: Call a Sacred Assemblyby Claude King (pdf) (Text included below on pages 8-13.)These resources give more detail about biblical solemnassemblies. Biblical solemn assemblies normally were a day or more in length. If your solemn assembly is going to be a shorter time, you need to guide your people in heart preparation so they will be prepared to respond (see E below).
* For video segments to help leaders to understand Solemn Assemblies go to:

A. Enlist or identify a leadership team (2 or more including the pastor)
B. Study “The Call to Prayer and Solemn Assembly” issued in 1989 Prayerfully read “The Call to Prayer and Solemn Assembly” (on pages 5-6 of this file) issued by the SBC prayer leaders in 1989. Read the Scriptures referenced in each section.Ask God to give wisdom and insight on how He wants to turn the hearts of His people back to Him in love and obedience. What actions does He want you to take to lead your church to return to Him?
C.Pray for the Lord’s specific directions for your church.

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